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I had to have subpoenas regarding a family law case served in two states and three counties on a specific date. Retro Investigations was able to serve and coordinate the delivery of all three on time. Great Service!  Sarah in Corona, California


My ex-wife was avoiding being served court papers. Retro Investigations was able to locate her and serve her the papers for court. Great Experience! Jeff in Apple Valley, California


I want to thank you for your excellent service. I was very satisfied and impressed with your services.   Esther in Salinas, California

My daughter was searching for her father and was unable to find him.  Retro Investigations very quickly found his location.  They found he was in a nursing home and very ill..  My daughter was able to spend time  with him before he passed away.  We are very pleased with their excellent service..  Tammy in Redlands, California


Maggie, her team, and our attorney won our case for us.  Due to her diligence and surveillance she was able to obtain the evidence needed to stop an ADA lawsuit abuser who was attempting to take money from us in a lawsuit.  Excellent service!  Bill in Lakewood, California

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