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Practice Areas

Confidentiality is guaranteed. Your private and confidential information is completely safe and will never be sold to any third parties. Every case is handled with the best client service possible and we will always keep you informed as your case progresses. We understand that hiring a private investigator is an intimidating proposition not entered into lightly which is why we believe in personal, discreet, affordable, and professional service.  For more information about our investigation,  process service, and other services, call us at 760-217-6864 today.



 For Small Business being sued regarding ADA handicapped violations it can be a traumatic event.  Small businesses are  closing their doors due to these lawsuits.  They demand large sums of money from business owners who can ill afford it.  Do Not Panic and call us for assistance.  We have helped small businesses and their owners in the past and we may be able help you.


We can show your group of business owners, realtors, property managers, Chambers of Commerce, and others our presentation so you will know what is needed to become ADA compliant.  





Family Law


If you are going through a child custody or divorce situation we can assist you.  Do you have reason to believe that the other parent is putting your child in danger?  Has your attorney told you to obtain information to help your case?  Give us a call.  We conduct investigations and surveillances in Family Law Matters.


Asset Searches/judgment Enforcement

If you have received a court judgment against someone who owes you money neither your attorney nor the court will collect that money for you.  You have to pursue the debtor yourself.  This is where we come in.  We have the expertise to find assets and collect that judgment for you.

Are you a business involved in a business deal with someone?  We conduct  background investigations for businesses on potential buyers/sellers of the business.
Backgrounds are also done for individuals involved in romantic situations.  Find if the person you are dating is an upstanding person.
We can conduct backgrounds in other situations as well.



Have court papers that you need served pertaining to a civil/criminal/family matter or for a judgment enforcement? Looking for an old flame or long lost family member?  We can assist you in locating people. Give us a call.

Criminal Law


As former law enforcement officers we are well versed in criminal law matters. If you need an investigator to look into your case call us for a conosultation. 



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