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My business has been sued by someone in regards to ADA (American Disabilities Act) violations.  Can you help me?


Businesses (usually small business owners) are the ever growing target of lawsuits by fraudsters in regards to ADA violations.  Most small business owners cannot afford to fight these types of frivolous lawsuits so they just pay the fraudster.  This has become big business for these professional litigants who make their living by suing people who can ill afford the lawsuits.  Our agency specializes in the defense of businesses who have been hit by these fraudsters and we have attorneys with whom we work that are experts in the defense of business owners.  Do not succumb to these extorntionists and let our agency help you fight these fraudsters.


Can you guarantee you will get all money owed to me by my debtor?

No, but we can guarantee that we will work extremely hard to do so with our investigators working for you. We have a large number of databases that we search to find all assets/money of the debtor so we can get what is due our clients. We guarantee we will do our best to get everything our clients deserve.  We are not a credit agency and we don't just make phone calls to the debtor.  We actively pursue the judgment debtors.and search for their assets.


Why should we hire you instead of doing it ourselves and wouldn't it be cheaper to do it ourselves?


We have the expertise and knowledge of the court system and legal processes. It is may cheaper to do it yourself, however, errors are costly and this is a specialized field which demands that proper procedures be followed. The general public usually does not know the legal process. In addition, as an agency, we have access to information and databases not accessible to the general public.

The court ordered a judgment in my favor, doesn't the court make the person pay?  The person who won the judgment must actively pursue the debtor and find the assets. The money does not "just appear" in your account. This takes time, skill, and expertise to find the assets.


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